1. Wasgij Original Collector's Box Jigsaw Puzzles (1000 Pieces)


    Piece together the BOX IMAGES of the Wasgij Original 4, 5 and 6 jigsaw puzzles - NOT the Wasgij solutions There are three 1000 piece Falcon de Luxe Christmas jigsaw puzzles contained in the deluxe gift box Each 1000 piece puzzle is contained in its own deluxe gift box within the main box The jigsaw puzzles have been produced using a high quality cardboard The finished size of the jigsaw puzzles measure 68 x 49cm (approximately)

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  2. Jan van Haasteren - Safari and Storm 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles (Pack of 2)


    Safari is the title of the first 1000 piece JVH jigsaw puzzle in the set and is sure to have you laughing at all the hilarious illustrations within this bright and colourful image. The finished puzzle image depicts a chaotic safari adventure where the animals are running wild and causing all sorts of mischief to the tourists. The Gorillas who have taken a fancy to a car, a tight-rope walking Hippo and Meerkats forming a defensive wall are just a few of the crazy scenarios which will have you smiling as you build this puzzle. Everywhere you look in this safari illustration, you will see things that will make you smile or scratch your head and laugh out loud. The second 1000 piece puzzle in the box is titled 'The Storm' and in typical Jan style it depicts a chaotic street trying to weather the gale-force winds that are blowing everything and anything in its path down the street - this includes, cars, boats, a ghost, Saint Nicholas, a penguin and everything else that Jan could imagine. What is most noticeable in these two hilarious jigsaw puzzles is the extremely high level of detail and use of colours to make these puzzles even better. If you are already a fan of Jan van Haasteren's you will probably be looking for Jan's trademark - the shark's fin - featured in all of his puzzles. You will also see other of Jan's favourites - Saint Nicholas, The Hands and The Dentures all feature in this puzzle. If you have not done a puzzle of Jan's before, be sure to look out for all of these things - you will find them in most of his images. Jan van Haasteren has been creating amusing drawings exclusively for Jumbo for several decades. His drawings have a distinctive, easily recognisable, style - humorous images, hilarious situations and far more people than you would ever expect to see in a jigsaw puzzle! Both the completed puzzles will measure 68x49cm (approximately) and have been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure all the jigsaw pieces maintain their original shape time and time again. With the use of Jumbo's precision cutting techniques, each jigsaw piece will fit seamlessly together to create a poster-like finish for you.

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