eLife Royale Folding Electric Bike
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EBike Royale 36v Electric Folding Bike 20" Black Refurbished

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Quick Overview

The Elife Royale is perfect for those looking for a reliable solution for their daily commute or enjoy leisure riding. 


The Elife Royale is perfect for those looking for a reliable solution for their daily commute or enjoy leisure riding. Perfect for those who need extra assistance or just starting out, or those who travel long distances by bike. A new experience that can revolutionise your riding.
As soon as you start pedalling the motor kicks in. This is called pedal assist, it has three levels of assistance, low medium and high. It makes light work of hills and wind and allows you to travel further than you ever thought possible. This means you can speed past regular bikes on the hills and also the flat. Full assistance will power you to 15.5 miles per hour. Never again arrive at work sweaty, you can ride this bike in full business attire. The Elife makes commuting a dream.
The Royale will take you up to 30 miles at 15.5mph on a single charge (mileage is dependent on weight of the rider and terrain covered). This is all powered by the 36v 7ah Lithium battery, which can be charged on or off the bike. With 6 Shimano Revoshift gears, you can choose a comfortable gear and select the level of assistance you require.
The Elife Royale has a 6km walking mode function, which allows you to push your bike effortlessly over steep ridges or hills. You will really feel the power of the Royale most when you reach a hill and start to slow down. Hills will feel flatter and you'll be able to explore further with this electric bike. This bike is equipped with a 13" fully-folding, hi-tensile steel frame. It can fold down to half its size for easy storage, making it easy for putting into your car or camper van.
The Royale rides on 20" tires, which are specially designed for e-bikes and to keep your wheels firmly on the road. Designed with comfort in mind, the adjustable seat post provides flexibility and even more convenience


The eLife Royale is a lightweight steel, folding electric bike with pedal assist. Due to the small frame, this nifty e-bike is most suitable for riders approx. 5ft 6 and under. The bike is supplied fully assembled in the carton when purchased online.  Simply unpack, unfold, clip together, raise the handlebars, fold out the pedals. Then switch on and go!

Power control

The front wheel drive motor has 3 power settings and with 6 gears on a derailleur, meaning that you will be able to ride the bike at 15.5mph and tackle steep hills with ease. The battery is located on the rear parcel shelf which makes the bike shorter and smaller when folded.

With the battery is switched ON and power selected, the motor will cut in as soon as you ride away, reducing the weight you need to apply to the pedals. However, if you feel like cycling without the motor, you can turn off the motor by selecting power “0”, then switch on again with a single click of the “+” Button on the rider control.

Even before turning the pedals, holding the minus button will give immediate power up to 3.5mph. This is very useful for hill starts and pushing the bike.

The 20-inch aluminium rim wheels are fitted with CST City Tyres and the bike has Vee brakes front and rear.


As with all electric bikes, they have to be road legal as a bicycle, so the bikes have bells, reflectors, chain guards, full metal mudguards, locking side stand and the rear luggage rack has a safe working load of 25Kg with bungee straps for your luggage.

The 36 volt 7 Ah battery powers a 250-watt motor and you should get 20 – 25 miles on a charge with medium power pedal assist.

Folded size  87 X 36.5 X 78 cm (36″ X 14.5″ X 31″)


  • ·       Maximum rider weight 120Kg  (18.9St.)
  • ·       Comfort saddle and ergonomic hand grips
  • ·       Charging time from flat 3 – 4 Hours
  • ·       Battery constructed from Lithium cells
  • ·       Battery locked into the frame. 
  • ·       Revoshift gear change on Right-hand handlebar
  • ·       Battery has OFF/ON switch.
  • ·       LED display on left-hand handlebar for battery state and power selection
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